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Google Play Store App Download Easily Without Paying For It


Google Play Store sometimes encounters some issues like freezing, crashing, and lockouts. This happens when the Play Store that you have on your Android smartphone is not updated to the most recent version. Therefore, you need to apply some quick fixes to get rid of such issues.

When the app won’t work, it only means that you can’t use it to apply updates from your phone. So, you have to install a downloaded file from trusted sources. There are lots of Google Play Store APK file versions that you can find online.

Using your desktop or laptop computer, you can download an APK file of the Play Store through the Web browser. Just make sure that it is compatible with the mobile device where you want to install the file. Otherwise, you will still have issues after installing it.

Simply connect the phone to your computer in order to transfer the file you have downloaded to it. You can copy or move it to the SD card of your mobile device or to the main memory if you don’t have one at the moment.

Don’t forget to disable the Unknown Sources restriction by toggling on the switch. You might want to enable this restriction after successfully installing the app on your mobile device. This will ensure that no other APK files will be installed without being acquired from the Play Store.

Use the file manager app on your phone to look for the APK file from the location where you copied or moved it. Then, tap it to install the file on your Android phone or tablet. Just follow the instructions to complete the installation process on your device. You might be prompted to confirm the installation, so just click OK in order to proceed.

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