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[Download] Cleaner by Xiaomi Version 1.6.2 APK Update with Better Stability


There are many Chinese smartphones manufacturers that are trying to take the US market by storm, but no one is doing it quite like Xiaomi. This company has made a name for itself in the smartphone industry since it always launches high-end smartphones which are more than often quite affordable.

Xiaomi is always leaving people confused to how it manages to combine powerful specs with affordable prices and this is one the reasons behind its success. However, things don’t end here since Xiaomi also loves to develop and release its own apps. This means that Xiaomi doesn’t rely on Google to provide it with apps, updates and other software and it likes to take matters into its own hands. Take Xiaomi’s Cleaner app for example.

Cleaner by Xiaomi Version 1.6.2 APK Update

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer recently published a new APK Update for its Clear app. The update weighs in at 14.17MB and it is targeted towards Android 7.1 Nougat operated Xiaomi devices. However, the update can also be installed on operating systems as low as Android 4.4 KitKat.

Improved App Stability

The new APK update can be downloaded right now and Xiaomi fans are advised to do it as soon as possible since it improves the app’s stability. The app is focused on bug fixes and performance tweaks which optimize Cleaner’s abilities.

Enhancing Smartphone Performance

As the app’s name implies, Cleaner removes all unnecessary things from the smartphone’s storage space. Not only that, but Cleaner also clears the cache which enhances the smartphone’s overall performance.

Another cool feature that Xiaomi equipped Cleaner with is the deep clean option. Deep Clean scans the smartphone for any useless files which take up storage space or use additional RAM memory and removes them. For example, Cleaner will find and remove duplicate photos, big files and even unused apps.

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