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These Video Call Apps Allow You To Chat With Strangers


Remember when our parents told us not to talk to strangers? Well, we’ll have to break that rule and find out some of the best video call apps that we can use to meet new people. Even our best friends were strangers to us when we first met them, and let’s not forget that it’s a big world we live in. Video call apps grant us the chance to meet all kind of people from all over the planet.

We must also take into account the negative aspects of video calling apps, as not everyone who acts friendly to you also has good intentions. Revealing any kind of personal information is risky these days, as a wrongdoer could use it against you easily. There are also a lot of liars in the online realm who try to inspire compassion so that you’ll donate money to them. But as we’re sure that our readers are intelligent people who won’t fall for such cheap schemes, let’s see some of the best video call apps that you can use:


Holla is a free online service that brings together millions of people from more than a hundred countries. Starting random video chats with strangers is easy and fast, and the app is loaded with useful features. Both Android and iOS users are free to use Holla.


If you want another app that’s developed in a similar way as Omegle and Holla, Joi is also another solution to meet new people online and start video calling them. Do you want to meet someone from a certain city? That’s easy with Joi, and you can also make your own video that represents you as much as possible. Finding matches via Joi is fun and efficient!


If you are also tired of those apps that require you to find a match or receive a message in order to get things going, it means you should definitely give Gaze a chance! Furthermore, this app provides a secure environment for its users and also the possibility for them to be very expressive.


Omegle video is a free web app in the form of a video/text chat service that can put you in discussion with people of all cultures and nationalities. There are over 70 million people using, which means that you won’t have to worry that there’s no-one to talk with. Two users chatting on the platform will do it anonymously under the names “You” and “Stranger” or “Stranger 1” and “Stranger 2”. You can even choose your desired topic before starting a chat, and Omegle will do its best in giving you a person interested in the same thing: football, politics, etc. You can also try video chat service.


LivU also offers enhanced privacy protection, and you can use the app for meeting people through filters like country and gender. There are many exciting features available, and some of them are free talking with random people, expressive video stickers and filters, and much more. You can even log into your LivU account using your credentials from the most popular social network: Facebook.

Feel free to tell us about your own favourite ways of meeting new people! Do you have any other favourite chat apps?

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