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Instagram is 10 years old! It offers new functions and the possibility to change the icon


Today, Instagram celebrates 10 years of existence, and on this occasion, Facebook launched a new update for the mobile application, both for iOS and Android. Launched in 2010, initially exclusively for iPhones, Instagram is now one of the most important Facebook divisions, after it was acquired in 2012 for an amount considered small by today’s standards, but huge at the time: $ 1 billion.

Instagram is 10 years old and allows users to change the mobile app icon

Instagram has changed quite a bit in the last ten years. From a simple stream of square photos with filters applied over, the network has become the main mode of expression in the online environment for many users, especially among young audiences. The network is now dominated by photos of all shapes, short and long videos (via IGTV), stories and more recently Reels, vertical short videos, similar to those on TikTok.

Of course, Instagram is also a network full of ads, in almost all its sections, but also full of product placement and promotions from influencers who work mainly on this network.

With the 10th anniversary of Instagram, we also have new features. For example, those who feel harassed may choose to have those messages and the like automatically hidden. In fact, those who post such messages now receive warnings from Instagram, which specify that they may lose access to their accounts. Also, the stories function now receives a very nicely organized archive. It’s a calendar to see every day you put stories and a map where you can see the places where you posted photos and videos on stories.

Also, in the mobile application, there is now the possibility to change the icon that appears in the phone menu. Included are all the images that have served as an icon over the ten years, from the prototype to the classic ones that mimicked Polaroid cameras and the most colorful in the last few years.

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