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Elevate Your Mathematical Skill with Nerdle


While the masses grapple with creating coherent 5-letter words, a distinctive game waits in the wings to challenge your mathematical acumen. Enter Nerdle, the brainchild of Richard and Imogen Mann. This unique gaming experience calls upon you to arrange a series of numbers and mathematical symbols into a meaningful calculation. You will be informed which numbers and symbols have been correctly placed in your puzzle – an intriguing twist that makes Nerdle a compelling challenge for the mathematically inclined. Think of it as Wordle, but for number wizards.

Should you find yourself perplexed by the solution to today’s Nerdle puzzle, fret not. We are here to assist, presenting you with comprehensive solutions in this post.


A New Nerdle Challenge Every Day

Nerdle delivers a fresh mathematical conundrum for you to decipher each day. You can take up the gauntlet by visiting the official Nerdle website. Unlike Wordle, where the unveiling of a new puzzle is based on local time, Nerdle’s new puzzle makes its grand entrance simultaneously at 00:00 GMT, 16:00 PST, 19:00 EST, 1:00 CET, 9:00 JST, and 11:00 AET.

Your One-Stop Nerdle Solution Guide

We’ve collated all the essential information you need to crack today’s Nerdle challenge. For insights into past solutions, delve into our ‘Today’s Nerdle Answer’ post.

The Answer to Nerdle’s 06/17/23 Challenge

The solution to Nerdle’s puzzle for June 17, 2023, is: 89 – 41 = 48

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Winning Strategies for Nerdle

Eager to improve your Nerdle prowess? Here are a few tips to enhance your solving strategy for the next time you engage with a Nerdle puzzle!

Master the Basics

Begin with as many numbers and symbols as possible. A recommended starting calculation is: 58-46=12. This unveils a plethora of numbers, giving you an edge in deciphering the puzzle. Remember, numbers can appear more than once in a puzzle!

Keep It Simple

Initiate with simple calculations and gradually build complexity. If addition is required, start by adding smaller numbers.

Employ the Process of Elimination

Dismiss numbers or operations that have been proven incorrect from your future guesses.

Experiment with the Order of Operations

Recall the standard order of operations: *, / come before +, -. Don’t shy away from experimenting with different orders to inch closer to a solution.

Analyze the Colored Tiles

The hues of the tiles can provide significant clues about the correct numbers and operations. Analyze these color patterns to deduce the solution.

Leverage Alternating Answers

If you have enabled “alternating answers” in your settings, the order of the numbers in your guess becomes irrelevant. Use this to your advantage.

Perseverance is Key

Nerdle puzzles can be challenging, but don’t lose heart if your initial attempts do not yield a solution. Persist, analyze, and keep trying!

Practice Makes Perfect

Refine your skills by playing previous puzzles. Simply enter the correct date in the URL, like so:

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