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How to Fix the ‘Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector’ Issue on iPhones


Let’s face it: using an iPhone for the first time is not exactly like a walk in the park, especially if you’ve had an Android phone before that. There are plenty of situations that can give you a lot of headaches as a new Apple user. One of them is the ‘liquid detected in lightning connector’ message that your iPhone can display in certain situations. But there’s no use in losing hope too fast, as we’re here to provide the right info to you to get your problem fixed!

The aforementioned message will be displayed when your iPhone has detected the presence of some kind of liquid in the lightning port. This can also happen when you connect a lightning cable to the phone.

You know what they say that good things come to those who wait, and it’s available in this case as well! The ‘liquid detected in lightning connector’ issue is entirely fixable, although it can surely be intimidating when you see it for the first time.


How to get rid of the ‘liquid has been detected in the lightning connector’ error

Getting rid of the error is simple: go ahead and fix it! But before that, it’s a good idea to put your iPhone in a ventilated place to dry.

Here’s what else you must do:

  • Disconnect any cables or accessories you may have attached to your iPhone.
  • Keep the iPhone in a ventilated and dry space for a few minutes.
  • If your problem hasn’t gone away when you try once again to charge the iPhone, you should simply repeat the whole process.

iPhones can require even a few hours to dry completely, so try to be patient and don’t consider replacing them with another smartphone right away!

What about water resistance?

Many smartphones nowadays, including iPhones, come with water protection out of the box. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to try teaching your phone any swimming lessons! Liquids can still damage your device, and the metal pins within the lightning port are pretty sensible if they get in contact with water, as they can rust and malfunction.

The water resistance function is good for those moments when you accidentally let some liquids fall on your smartphone or when you need to respond to an urgent call or mail on a rainy day.

However, the good news is that iPhones have their own alarm system that alerts the user when there is liquid inside of the lightning connector.

What you should avoid

Perhaps everybody knows by now that nowadays, everybody is an “expert” online, so it’s best to take any information you find with a grain of salt! For instance, it’s a mistake to use any hair dryer or radiator to dry out your iPhone. It’s also wrong to use rice to get rid of any traces of liquids.

Just be patient! It won’t take forever for iPhones to dry out!

The peculiar part is that even though the ‘liquid detected in lightning connector’ message appears, you will still be able to use your iPhone as long as you still have any battery power left. The problem is that the device won’t allow you to charge it using a lightning cable, which is indeed a problem. However, you still have the option to charge the phone using a cordless charger.

Feel free to share your own experience with us about how you managed to get rid of the ‘liquid detected in lightning connector’ issue if you’ve ever stumbled upon it! Were the pieces of advice found here useful for you?

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