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Google Play Services Has Stopped Issues


Google Play Services is constantly running behind the scenes on an Android system that has Google Play installed. It silently makes sure that every app runs smoothly by keeping tabs on updates that need to be installed.

There are times though that Google Play Services throttles and causes your Google Play Store to crash. Although there could be a lot of factors why this error happens, this can be easily fixed by using a number of proven solutions and workarounds.

Sometimes, the hardware of your device causes the error to pop up due to a full memory. This can be easily remedied by turning off your device and letting it remain off for a couple of seconds before turning it on again.

Turning off your device will empty the temporary memory that all your running apps were using, sometimes the error can be simply the effect of your phone’s CPU throttling because of insufficient memory available to work with.

If this happens again try clearing the Cache of Google Play services through your Apps settings. Look for the Storage menu item and tap both ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’. Do these steps again for Google Play Store. If the problem persists then you might need to reinstall Google Play Services via APK.

This is done by first uninstalling the Google Play Services software. Go to your settings, and just like what you did when clearing the cache, open Apps settings and look for Google Play Services. Tap the box next to it and tap the three dots near the upper right corner of Apps settings window and then select or tap uninstall.

Then all you need to do is to download the APK file for Google Play Services. After downloading it on your mobile device tap on the file and it will automatically get installed for you on your Android system.

Learn how to download and install Google Play Store APK today.

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