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WhatsApp Web: Get Better User Experience on A Desktop PC Or Mac


WhatsApp Web is a tool that you can use to send and receive messages from your desktop computer. This is one way of having the freedom of typing without suffering from the cramped touchscreen keyboards on smartphones.

It also enables users to utilize their desktop Web browsers to connect with family and friends, as they can type with precision and ease. You can even enjoy this app because it is so easy to use.

  • Open a browser that you commonly use on your PC or Mac to visit the official web address: Bookmarking this page should be a great idea, since you are going to use this in the future.
  • Upon opening the page, you will be redirected to a page displaying a huge QR code that you can use to scan using your smartphone.
  • Just open the app on your phone and tap the menu button at the upper-right corner for Android devices, or you can tap the Settings button found at the lower-right corner for iOS devices. Tap WhatsApp Web and your phone will scan the QR on your PC or Mac screen. Simply point the camera towards the screen to capture the code.
  • If you are done with it, WhatsApp should sync automatically so that you could now chat using your PC or Mac.

A temporary login system will be used by WhatsApp Web when using your PC or Mac. Therefore, you will be required to scan the QR code again when you login the next time.

You might want to use WhatsApp Web desktop version for both Windows and Mac. This will be useful if you are going to use a dedicated, instead of a public computer. Just don’t forget to update your Web browser to its latest version to avoid any issues that might hamper your pleasant experience.

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