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Google Play Store APK Download For Older Mobile Devices


The Google Play Store serves as the official app source for Android devices. Nevertheless, some older versions of Android don’t consider this as a part of the default apps. This is particularly true for older smartphone models.

The problem with older mobile devices is not with the brand or the model itself. It is more on the platform or the operating system version of the device. The main solution to this dilemma is to download the APK file of the Play Store. You can install the app but you have get the file from a different source.

Thus, you need to use your computer browser and search for the Google Play Store APK that should work on your mobile device. You should click on the download link in order begin the download process.

Once the file has been downloaded, copy this file to your mobile device via a USB cable connected to your computer and the other end to the charging port of your mobile phone.

After copying the APK file to your device’s memory card, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. This will enable you to install a file downloaded to your device other than the official Play Store app. Toggle the switch on beside the Unknown Sources tab.

Then, tap the APK file you need to install from File Manager. You would be prompted to proceed with the installation or not. Just confirm the installation and you must be on your way to using the Google Play Store on your older mobile device.

Don’t forget to toggle back the switch beside the Unknown Sources tab to disable installing APK files that are not from the Google Play Store. This way, you can avoid getting into trouble from malware that might automatically get installed on your mobile device.

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