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Google Maps Download to Navigate Even Without Internet Connection


Mobile devices are already a necessity even when travelling abroad. This is a very useful tool when navigating via GPS. However, it is important to note that data from the maps can accumulate huge bills. Downloading Google Maps, on the other hand, should enable you to navigate anywhere even without 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Download a map for a certain area directly to your smartphone. Do this before you are going to travel because a huge data would consume your data plan. Moreover, you might not have a signal along the way, which will cause you more trouble. Take note that there are limits on map sizes that you can install on your mobile device. Currently, the map area has been limited by Google to 120,000

Here are steps that you can mimic when you aim to download Google Maps on your mobile device.

  • First, you need to open the Maps app from your tablet or smartphone with GPS. Ensure that you are signed in and check if you really have signed in with your name and email address displayed.
  • Offline areas can be seen in the same menu. You can tap this and see the Recommended areas with your Home location. Take note that it will linger for only 29 days, which should be enough when you are going to use it soon.
  • Downloads can reach up to 500MB depending on the road density. However, it is less than 10 times when it comes to rural areas. Anyway, there are no limits on the number of areas you download, but the only issue is your phone’s internal storage.
  • After searching the location you want to visit, go back to the Offline areas menu and tap the blue button. Zooming in and out is also possible, but you will be prompted if the area is too big or not. Tap the Download button when you are ready to download Google Maps on your mobile device to be used when you are offline.

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