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[Download] Clash Royale Update Available with New Game Modes and Rewards


Supercell is dominating the market for mobile video games. When it comes to its games, the key for success is a constant improvement. The company listens to the feedback from the players and it works hard to bring something new as often as possible. Now it was time for Clash Royale to receive its biggest update so far. The new additions have been finally released and now we can analyze them better and talk about them.

Quests and other rewards

This new update also allows users to receive rewards from completing random quests. The tasks differ, and they can be both related to matches or your clan. Quests now replace the free chest.

However, there are some freebies in the shop. For example, every Sunday you can receive an Epic card for free from the shop. Additionally, you might find free chests or bags of money from time to time, so make sure that you check it daily.

New game modes

Perhaps the biggest addition that comes with this update. Players received two different game modes: Touchdown and Mirror. We had a chance to take a look at the Touchdown mode in a livestream. Basically, players will have a chance to experience the American Football feeling in Clash Royale. There are two teams, and two players in each team. The goal is to send your troops in the opponent’s area in order to score a touchdown. There are no towers, and you will get to pick your deck manually before the game. The first team that gets three touchdowns wins the game.

The second mode, Mirror, is equalling the matches. In this mode, both players will have the same deck. There is one mirror card that allows you to bring a clone of the last troop sent by you.

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