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[Download] Google Maps and Access it Even with Weak Internet Connectivity


There has been a lot of work on Google Maps software and with the new features, tweaks and improvements, even users with a weak data connection can use it.

In India there have been some problems, for example with bandwidth, but the Vice President from the Google Maps has addressed this issue and made the app work in ‘rough’ conditions.

Since the number of internet users in India grew in the last years with the ever-growing smartphone industry, it was due time for Google Maps to get better and provide a great user experience, while also focusing on improvements and new services.

Google Maps Improves their App for India

Google Maps reached India 9 years ago (in 2005), meaning three years later from the initial launch year – 2005. But until now we’ve seen a lot of improvements, we can also access maps in offline mode and travel without the need of a data connection.

In India right now, there isn’t an issue of bandwidth anymore, it’s all about connectivity. So, when internet connection drops, Google Maps can continue in offline mode if you have previously downloaded the maps you needed.

Google Maps is also getting some updates for transit and this means they will provide real time information while working with organizations such as the public transports: rails and buses. There is also information on where to find public toilets, helping the Indian Government under the Swachh Bharat campaign.

India is in top 3 countries that participate in Local Guides for Google Maps and helping with adding more content to the software and also getting more feedback from users. Right now, Google Maps supports Hindi, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil languages. When looking at transportation, users will be able to connect Google Maps to Uber, Ola and Meru and compare these services from inside the app.

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