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Mass Effect 3 – Best Mission Order To Enjoy The Full Game


Mass Effect 3 is one of the most linear entries to the original Mass Effect trilogy, but there is still some user choice regarding when and how you complete some missions, meaning that you will have to optimize your playthrough for an enjoyable experience.

Curiously, the new mission order differs from the initial ME1 Mission Order and optimum ME2 Mission Order due to a significant aspect – There are many missions in ME3 where, if you don’t take them at the optimal moment, you will experience significant negative consequences.

ME3 keeps track of your choices and consequences from across the trilogy, meaning that some of your options would heavily depend on the choices you made in past games.

Let’s see the best sequence you can choose!

There is a rule of thumb worth following – Missions labelled with “Priority” are usually not a priority.

They are major story quests, meaning that they never expire.

Some side quests are time-locked, and progressing the main story often locks them entirely.

We suggest that you scan planets, navigate through the Citadel and talk to all the NPCs you can in between each Priority Mission.

As soon as you complete all the options, you can go on with the following priority quest.

We suggest that you try to keep hold of your War Assets, as they are a valuable currency that helps you determine the outcome of the main story.

This is pretty much all you need to follow to complete all quests in the correct order. Just make sure that you talk to all the NPCs possible before commencing a new Priority Mission. Side quests are somehow more of a priority than the main quest.

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