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WhatsApp Update Makes The App More Useful And Informative


One of the things that make WhatsApp so exciting is the launching of new features. This time, the update is the ability to track contacts in real-time. This new feature is a live location tracking system that would allow users to share what they are doing in case if they are trying to track their friends or even let them know they are safe.

However, it can’t be denied that a lot of people might consider this a reason for concern, despite safety measures made by WhatsApp. The app can share the current location temporarily and only with particular contacts. You can mimic the process in order to activate live location sharing from your own devices.

  • Simply open a message with a contact that you want to share your location with
  • Then, press the plus (+) button at the bottom right corner and choose location
  • You should be able to see the option to “Share Live Location” at this point
  • You can also choose the duration that you would like to share your location with somebody from your contacts list
  • After confirming the person, you simply have to click Send
  • This will enable to put the live location on the screen of the receiver as a map
  • You can share the location to more than just a single contact within a group, which will show as an icon on the map where you are located

Android users are required to have at least Android version 8.0+. The latest update allows you to post text-only updates on the status that would be visible for one day. Likewise, you can tap back to continue the video call using the picture-in-picture mode, when you are video calling. The WhatsApp version 2.17.61 on iOS devices will also allow users to look for messages within a specific chat. Simply tap the chat name on top to go to Contact Info/Group Info, then tap Chat Search.

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