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Google Play Services Battery Drain Culprits And How To Fix Them


It is so disappointing to know that you have drained your battery due to certain apps in your Android devices that kept on running in the background. You can’t afford losing the power before the day ends, especially when you are having a very busy day. Here are possible reasons and how to fix them.

Multiple Accounts

Common culprits for draining batteries include the many accounts that you have. Such factors include emails, adds from the app, location checking, and notifications, which could possibly trigger the Google Now event.

Third Party Apps

Third party apps sometimes misuse Google Play Services, which is a way of draining your battery. You can fix this by rebooting your computer into Safe Mode. If this would fix the draining battery problem, then it surely is due to the third-party app.

Sync Errors

Sync errors sometimes happen when Google tries to synchronize data. This is due to the problem encountered in a particular server. Data problems sometimes cause errors, such as the calendar, contacts, or when synchronizing data with the servers of Google.

GPS As The Culprit

Apps require you to reveal your location, so it would request via Google Play Services via the GPS hardware. Take note that GPS apps would drain some amount of battery. Since this process has been facilitated by Google Play Services, it can drain the battery life, thanks to the GPS.

Security Software

Take note that Android device batteries can get drained unexpectedly, but it is sometimes the security software causing all these. Android devices are no longer safe these days, so you need to have antivirus software to address this condition. However, if you want to optimize your battery life, try to disable the security software and observe what would happen to your system.

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