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WhatsApp Update Lets You Delete Sent Messages


Back in June, news portals have been reporting that WhatsApp had been including in their beta version a feature that was called “Recall”. Apparently, the feature let people who use the app unsend and delete a message that was already delivered. Now it seems that the feature has been finally added to the official app, so you can cut down on the embarrassing moments or drunk texts.

Good News for WhatsApp Users!

So it’s official now: you can unsend texts, as well as other things you have sent: GIFs, quoted messages, documents, videos and even status replies. But there’s still a catch! This feature is only available for 5 minutes after the message was sent. After 5 minutes, you won’t be able to recall and delete the text.

Other Updates

However, the beta app is also introducing some other features, besides the popular recall one. This includes a redesign for the call screen, as well as media sharing options. The media update translates to the fact that now if you send several photos to your friends, they will appear to them packaged as an album in the interface, and not as a string of photos. In that way, you just need to click or tap on it once in order to download or view the entire album, not individually for every picture, as it was until now.

Despite the announcement, many beta users have reported that the aforementioned facility is not available for them yet. Most likely, the team is trying to set up some last-minute details, which is why the feature may not appear to everybody. Even so, this is a really interesting update, which shows that WhatsApp developers are paying attention to the feedback they’re getting from their users. Kudos, WhatsApp!

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