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No Single-Player DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda


Recently, there was a rumor going around about the expected story DLC prepared for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Apparently, the DLC has been canceled because there was a negative feedback for the game. Fans didn’t seem too happy about the changes that were made at BioWare either. However, all of it was confirmed was being a hoax. Mike Gamble, who is a producer, declared that he had never heard of Sinclair Networks, which is the company that was supposedly developing the DLC.

But Is There Any Truth to It?

Apparently, there’s some truth hidden somewhere. Kotaku has reported that the hoax still got something right. Three sources that apparently know a thing or two about BioWare’s plans have confirmed that Andromeda will not be receiving the much awaited single-player DLC.

Truth is, we never got a promise for one, and BioWare chose not to give players a season pass for the game. However, it is an unexpected change, since all the three games that belonged to the original trilogy offered a DLC.

Mass Effect fans are quite disappointed right now and even frustrated, but even with all the backlash, EA and BioWare refuse to discuss this issue. When people asked about the DLC back in January, Aaryn Flynn, the general manager at BioWare, declared that he will be talking about it later and that it was still in the company line.

Producer Fernando Melo talked on Twitter about the hoax and replied to the inquiries. As such, he said that he can’t discuss yet any new or future content. Naturally, this answer upset the fans once more, since Andromeda has been released for more than three months already.

Remember that Kotaku’s report is unverified and still unofficial, but usually, they get things right, so there might be some truth in there.

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