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Dropbox Latest Update, Features, And Advantages


In the early years of Dropbox, it started in the consumer market. However, it has made several big steps in order to make enterprise users more comfortable with its products. As a matter of fact, Dropbox has allowed 200,000 users from the business sector to sign up looking to have advanced controls over employees’ ability to access and share sensitive information and files in the cloud.

Addition of More Features For Business

In the move to help more businesses, Dropbox has added more features to the admin dashboard. This is just part of the bigger AdminX initiative in order to provide better user experience to administrators who provide accounts and controls to which access is granted.

Thus, the admin console has been redesigned by Dropbox in order to make it easier to use. This was done so that it can match the experience of the consumer, without compromising the robust features that business users require.

At the same time, Dropbox has given administrators the ability to manage the time that employees can stay logged in to access files. This has been done via the Web session control features. Moreover, administrators will be able to specify teams by having sub-domain verification. This way, the administrators can better control those who want to access the Dropbox account of the business.

Likewise, Dropbox has improved the way enterprise customers create and update passwords used on the platform. More so, the company is expected to unveil a custom-built password strength generator to allow administrators to set parameters. Thus, it would reduce team members who would use passwords that can be easily guessed.

Basic Features

Dropbox is an offsite server that allows file storage and sharing. This app would allow users to sync files online among several devices in an instant. Also, Dropbox can handle files just like how you do it on your desktop. Thus, you can add, edit, erase, as well as access these documents via secure servers and from any device. Such would include Android, iPhone, Mac, PC, and Windows Phone.

Advantages Of Using Dropbox

  • Offline Access – even if you are offline, you can still allow changes automatically the moment your device reconnects to the Internet.
  • Synchronized Editing – if you edit a shared document or file, everybody else can get the update automatically.
  • Photo Backup – automatically backup images from the camera roll on the smartphone or computer. These will be arranged chronologically by using albums and then share. If you have deleted files accidentally, you would still be able to recover them with the restore feature.
  • Photo and File Sharing – you can still be able to share file and photos in the absence of a Dropbox account.
  • Saving Any File and Sync It Across Devices – you will be able to save any file in Dropbox and sync the files across all your devices, such as the iPad and iPhone, Mac, PC, Android, and Windows Phone.

If you haven’t used Dropbox yet for your personal or business storage needs, then perhaps it is time to try this product. Thus, you would be able to see how it can manage your files and information easily and securely.

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