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WhatsApp Group Chat General Rules


Group chats are the simplest way to connect people and make plans together. If you use WhatsApp you are probably using at least one group chat. This also means that you already know how annoying some members can be or maybe you even had to deal with an awful admin. In order to avoid becoming one of those irritating persons, here is what you should not do on a WhatsApp group chat.

Participate, don’t lurk

If you were added to a group chat, it is probably because people need your opinion and you should communicate with them. Reading the messages and not replying is not really polite, so do your best to participate.

Try to use the group chat at normal hours

Imagine waking up and seeing 120 unread messages that were sent at 4 AM the night before. You will probably feel left out and it will be annoying to go through all those messages. Therefore, try to be active in the group chat when most members are there, instead of making them wake up to a ton of notifications.

Ask before you screen shot

Everything that happens in a group chat should remain there. You probably wouldn’t like it if someone else took screenshots of your messages and showed them to someone else. Therefore you should not do this either.

Keep it brief

No one likes people who write ten paragraphs on group chats. It is very unlikely that everyone will read all that (unless it is really important), so try to keep the text simple. This way you won’t lose the attention of the other members.

Ignore the group chat when you are busy

If you are at school or at work it is best that you mute your group chat. There is no point in receiving notifications if you won’t be able to answer them.

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