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[Download] Google Play Store App with New Game Button


Lately we’ve all see how many times Google Play Store App has been updated and now we’re seeing the 8.2.56 version that is up and ready to be downloaded as an APK. If you’re patient enough then in the near future your device will receive the update.

Google has been updating their Play Store App in order to fix any issue, improve performance and add some new features. It might sound bad if Google are updating their app at a two days distance, but think that the newest update will fix whatever was wrong in the previous one and so on. This is why it’s recommended that you update you apps to the last version.

Google Play Store UI Changes to the Slide Menu

The latest Google Play Store App has also introduced some UI changes too. Along with improvements and bug fixes you’ll notice something more important like in the last week there have been premium apps or games for free or on sale. Along with all those deals, you’ll also see what’s new in the user interface. The slide menu gets a new section for the Games that are in the Play Store. The Games section has replaced the section that was dedicated to Movies, Music, Books. The replaced tab is split into 3 sections: one for Music, one for Movies & TV and the last one for Books so that no one gets left behind.

Although it seems like a small change, we’re happy about it as Google hasn’t tweaked their UI in a long while.

Since Apple has already done some major UI changes on their App Store, it was about time we saw some changes in Google Play Store too.

Users will soon receive the newest Google Play Store update, coming for 4.0.1 Android and above. It’s recommended you wait for the automatic update but if you’re too curious about it, you can get it as an APK file, a completely safe and malware free alternative.

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