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WhatsApp Beta Update 2.17.375 Loaded With Several New Features


Beta versions of apps provide a look ahead before they were even released for the public. A lot of people would use this version because it helps them check about the status of the app and how it would affect their user experience.

For instance, several features are expected to be released by the latest WhatsApp beta for Android. Such would include the smaller sized app that would feature contact notifications upon changing your number.

Moreover, a technology website confirmed that the beta version 2.17.375 would consume just a little space upon downloading and installing. The removal of 20 libraries enabled the decrease of the overall app size by up to 6MB.

When you opt to change your contact number in WhatsApp, your friends or app contacts would be notified of the said update. In fact, this feature works every time you consider changing your contact number.

At the same time, users are able to customize which contact should be able to know that you have indeed changed numbers. In addition to these features, WhatsApp has also fixed 473 files, as well as correcting some minor errors.

WhatsApp is also available for Windows mobile devices. With that, you may be required to have at least Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1 operating system for your smartphone or tablet.

Part of the previous beta update enabled users to select multiple chats, as you can pin or unpin them or mute or unmute chats. Anyway, this has been enabled by default in the latest updated version of WhatsApp.

Another beta update is the Recall messages in which the team at WhatsApp has been working very hard. The Learn More option should provide more details of frequently asked questions regarding this feature. Currently the feature has been disabled and it would be remotely enabled in future updates.

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