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WhatsApp Web Status Feature Available To Use


Back in February 2017, the developers of WhatsApp have replaced the text status option with a feature that looks similar to the Snapchat Story. Well, until now this feature was not available for WhatsApp Web, but it seems that the developers have decided that it’s time to bring it to the “desktop client” of the application.

We agree that the WhatsApp Status feature is not so popular and that many users were quite disappointed about it, but it seems that the developers are still hoping that more people will start using it sometime in the future.

If you are using WhatsApp Web on your computer, you will notice that an “interrupted circle” button has appeared somewhere in the top-left side of the window. That’s the WhatsApp Status feature, which you can use by clicking on it. After selecting it, a new screen will appear where it will show all the Status updates of your contacts in a list (including your own).

Keep in mind that the WhatsApp status update can only be seen by your contacts. In addition, you also have the ability to choose which contacts can view your status update and which ones cannot.

The WhatsApp Status update option also comes with a unique feature that allows you to crop the image before it goes live. This is great as you will not need to waste your time by using another application to edit your photos.

WhatsApp To Receive Unified Payments Interface (UPI) Feature

Earlier this month we’ve talked about the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) feature that’s expected to be released to WhatsApp sometime soon. We don’t know when exactly this feature will be launched for WhatsApp, but according to reports it will be released in India this autumn, followed by other countries before the end of 2017.

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