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Google Earth Update Offers Exciting New Features For Free


The latest update to Google Earth should get users more excited. This was after Google Earth merged its free and pro versions. You can get your own updated copy by downloading the installer from this link

Some changes were also included with the new update, including the requirements for Mac and Windows. For instance, Mac users need to be running the Mac OS 10.8 and Windows users need to run Windows 7 OS or later. The new Google Earth 7.3.0 also came with a number of improvements. Such would include the enhancement of image printing and saving, as well as the refinement of the internal Web browser, combined with better security.

Part of the update was the Movie Maker tool, allowing support for more recent video formats. Likewise, it comes with the Repair Tool that would allow settings and cache date to be reset, as well as fixing of issues at startup.

Moreover, the latest version also allows users to fix some issues, including incorrect saving of tours, audio recording and playback, as well as non-loading of KML-embedded images.

If you encounter errors when installing Google Earth, such as Error 1603, then you should be able to fix it by following the quick fix here. This commonly affects Windows 10 computers, as it involved compatibility issues with the system. Apparently, the codes in the operating system wouldn’t match the internal codes of Google Earth.

  • Just install Google earth if you haven’t yet installed it. Don’t forget to add a shortcut on your desktop.
  • Then, scan the Windows 10 registry and clear up the temporary files.
  • Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

If you still receive error messages after installing, just re-install Google Earth. You can also try to verify the recommended system requirements before you try to install the app on your computer.

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