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Use WhatsApp Without a Sim Card in 6 Easy Steps


WhatsApp is one of the most popular communications apps form the entire world. It is extremely popular among teenagers, as well as adults who want to have a conversation without encountering problems regarding different aspects. It is not only an amazing platform for texting messages, but it is also a way to contact individuals by voice calling and video conference as well. Even Facebook sensed the WhatsApp financial potential and this is why they immediately acquired it for $19 billion.

Besides all the great WhatsApp features, there is one certain ability that can distinguish it from the rest of the instant messengers, namely its end-to-end encryption. This is actually a safety method with which WhatsApp is equipped. Its main purpose is to prevent attackers from hacking it.

Even if over the years we have been witnessing WhatsApp’s success, there are still some things that the app isn’t able to offer. For example using WhatsApp without having inside the phone a sim card. Many users have already started complaining about this issue and they are wondering whether they can use it without having a valid number or not.

If you’re one of those then you might find the next information useful. After installing WhatsApp you have to download Primo too, it is an app that generates virtual US numbers.

Create an account on Primo and verify your phone number.

Select “Add phone number” and Primo will generate you a new virtual number

Open WhatsApp and insert the generated number.

Select the country (U.S) and press next. Wait until you get the error message

Just below the error message is a “Call me” button. Press the button and you’ll receive a OTP number

Enter the received 5-digit number and this is it!

Of course there are many similar methods on the internet but most of them aren’t 100% efficient.

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