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Jailbreaking iOS 10, 10.1 and 10.2 – What’s New So Far?


When it comes to iOS 10.2, users might be tempted to believe that it is not very different from other versions, like iOS 10.3, but there is one thing iOS 10.2 can do and that is being jailbroken. Jailbreaking is a process where the user gains access to a great number of mods and tweaks that improve the iOS experience altogether. The good news is that if the Apple user has a 64-bit iOS device and runs any version of iOS between iOS 10 and 10.2, then they can take advantage of the new method developed by marcograssi and qwertyoruiopz. However, the jailbreak is still in the beta stage, but does work on 64-bit iOS devices, except for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

In order to use this jailbreak method, the user needs to connect their iOS device on their computer and download an IPA file named yalu102, a file which will make sure to find all phone’s vulnerabilities that make the jailbreak possible. After downloading the file, the Cydia Impactor program must be launched in order to install the yalu102 IPA on the iOS device. Before the IPA file is installed on the user’s device, they need to enter their email and password for iTunes, a process which is completely safe.

The third step the user has to take is to head to the Settings application, choose General then tap the Device Management option. Now, the user will see the email they used to sideload the yalu102 file, once they select it, they will need to tap the Trust confirmation dialog.

The fourth step involved executing the jailbreak. Once the yalu102 appears on the device’s home screen, the user taps the Go option and then waits a couple of minutes before the jailbreak process is done. While the process is ongoing, the user should expect their device to reboot at least one time, but when the jailbreak is done, the Cydia icon will appear as well on the home screen. This is where the whole operation is finished and the user can enjoy their somewhat updated iOS device.

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