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GTA 6 Online Leak – Actors and Stunts


Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans are excited about a new leak suggesting Rockstar might be working for the next GTA. The last game of the franchise, GTA 5, has been released in 2013, and since then gamers are waiting for a new sequel.

What was the leak about

The internet has noticed that an actor named Tim Neff has listed in his resume as job experience that he worked for GTA 6. This job position was listed under “Motion Capture”, however, there are no more details in his CV which could give GTA fans more info. Since then, gamers have searched more information on the actor online, and they visited his social media profiles. On his Instagram account, the actor had a post about a visit he paid to Rockstar’s main office in San Diego back in February 2017. The hastag used by Neff were: videogame, mocap, actor and stunt.

Rockstar has yet to confirm or infirm the rumor

Given the game’s popularity, the American video game publisher has decided to keep quiet. Many speculate that given the silence Rockstar maintains it is very possible for the rumor to be true. Other believe that it is possible the actor does not know too much about GTA and accidentally put 6 in his resume instead of  5. GTA 4 was released in 2008 and GTA 5 in 2013.

Rockstar needed five years to create a new sequel. Since we are in 2017, maybe it is necessary to wait one more year or the end of the year to hear some more news on GTA 6. Given the game’s popularity it is unlikely Rockstar will not release more sequels.

The action adventure game was first released back in October 1997 and the video game is available for all platforms.

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