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Use Google Play Store Instead for Old iPhones


No matter how big an app repository gets, you will always find an app that is not available on it. Therefore if you want to have access to as many app as possible then all you have to do is to install other app marketplaces than the default your device supports.

If you are an IOS user then all you need is to download the leading contender for the Apple App Store, which is the Google Play Store.

Naturally, it would not be readily available through the IOS app store since they are a direct competitor, but there are ways that will enable you to download the Android Repository on your IOS device.

The number one reason why people opt to install Google Play Store into their IOS devices is due to their old iPhone being left out by the upgrades and updates Apple shells out. This usually happens if your iPhone is a generation or two behind the latest one out. There are a number of reasons, legitimate ones why they do this, but it’s still sad for those of us who have learned to love our old iPhones.

Installing iDroid – Android for IOS

When you are sure that you want to use Google Play Store instead for your old iPhone, then all you need to do is to jailbreak it. This is a term used to describe the hacking of your phone’s original firmware to tweak it with a different one. There are a lot of disadvantages when performing a firmware hack, which includes destroying your iPhone completely to negating whatever is left with its warranty.

If you are not a technical person it would be better if you find someone who does the jailbreak for a fee instead of potentially causing a low-level fire for attempting to do it on your own. Specify to the person doing it for you that you want an iDroid installed on your old iPhone instead and they will know what to do.

Learn more about downloading Google Play Store from safe sources today.

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