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Google Play Store: Is it the Best Today?


The Google Play Store which comes pre-installed with Android devices out of the box is no doubt one of most useful apps in the Android world. Its functionalities are on point and are no doubt all function as well as they were intended to. It’s made possible since Google is a tech giant that puts a ton of budget on its development teams.

Although Google Play Store is enough for most Android users, it is not everything despite the millions of apps available through it. Sometimes you might find that you are in a region where a particular app is restricted or sometimes you might want to find apps that are in the development stage. Whatever that reason is, there are a lot of app repositories and marketplaces out there apart from Google Play Store that you could try out if the need arises.

To allow your phone to download from third-party sources outside of Google Play Store, enable third-party app installation by going to your Security settings and enable “Unknown sources” by tapping it.


Arguably one of the best alternatives to Google Play Store, this app marketplace has been designed in line with the standards specified by Google.

The Interface has a conducive feel that can compete with Google Play Store. The number of users this app has speaks for its credibility – 150 million worldwide users. Using the apps signifier feature, will help you identify which app should be safe to download.

What is unsafe about Aptoide is that they sometimes offer you free downloads for some of the supposedly premium apps which is just downright illegal.

Amazon App Store

The Amazon App Store being owned by the biggest American electronic commerce and cloud computing company maybe one of the strongest contender for Google Play. Having all that giant machinery behind you could really help you propel forward. A clear advantage when using the Amazon App Store would be the safety it entails. The intensive review process of Amazon app store before vendors are allowed to post their apps for download gives the users of this app marketplace an extra safety layer; finding apps that are malicious will be unlikely.

Through this app store you will be able to find amazing deals from the books, movies, and music available through their stores.

One downside that many people find annoying is when you uninstall the Amazon Appstore, you would not be able to use the apps that have been installed through it.

Opera Mobile Store

Another app marketplace offered by another well-known brand. Using app stores like the Opera Mobile Store gives some assurance that a trusted brand would never allow malicious apps to be included in their store’s rooster.

This is one of the oldest app store out there, even older than Google Play Store, thus going through their app list may take you in for a neat surprise.

The App Store was first famous for their multi-format app support, which include Android, IOS, Java, and the previous Windows Mobile.

Learn more about the Aptoide app store today.

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