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Minecraft New Update: A Better Together Review


When browsing through for feedback on this new and biggest update from Minecraft, an interesting trend can be noticed. This is in regards to the various reactions from the experiences of the Minecraft community upon playing with this new Minecraft version.

As you may already know, this version of Minecraft was created by Microsoft in order to bridge the gap between the different platforms and allow players across those platforms to interact and play with each other. It is a noble quest, but alas not an easy task. Collating some of the most common reactions from gamers the world over regarding this latest update from Minecraft, we can easily surmised that majority of Minecraft’s fans agree on the following points.

Positive Points about the Better Together Update

The first thing that people are happy about the new Minecraft update is their perceived improvement on the Graphics rendering. People are reportedly finding the graphics loading of the game a bit smoother with better color texture especially when compared against the previous console versions of the game.

The second thing people love about the game update is the addition of partner servers, wherein gamers can now easily play mini games through these servers. Although others report that they would have wanted an easier way to play with several of their friends, but the current setup is definitely a step into the right direction.

Negative Points about the Better Together Update

The number one thing people complain about in this Minecraft update is the new look and layout of the Items Menu of the game. Not only it is unfamiliar, at first glance you will definitely not know what to do. It is hard to understand, and probably difficult to master.

The second thing people found annoying with this new version is the numerous bugs still floating around during gameplay. Despite being out of beta, people are still reporting a lot of bugs and glitches when playing the game.

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