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[Download] Google Play Books Update v3.15 with Stylus for a Faster & Better User Experience


When you say ‘Samsung’, you would expect to hear what other smartphones or tablets they’re bound to announce. But right now, there isn’t much going around at Samsung, except for their yearly Galaxy Note that has been already announced.

This doesn’t mean that Samsung users are not going to be thrilled by this update which will support the stylus they’ve been so eager to try on their devices.

Highlighting, Selecting & Creating Notes is Much Faster

We’re talking about Google Play Books that allows users to do more things with the stylus. They can now drag the stylus over the text and swap from selection mode to the action menu and it is much easier to select text with a stylus than with a finger. Before Google Play Books got updated, users had to long press on a word with their finger and then drag the sides to expand the selection, making it a slow and tedious experience.

Right now, using a stylus to select a text is much easier and faster and you can also highlight that text when you choose this option. Other previous options have remained the same: you can still flip pages by tapping on the right or left side of the book. Tapping on a text that hasn’t been highlighted will open an overview mode.

Why is highlighting or making notes on texts so important? It might be a useless feature for comic books or novels, but it’s great for textbooks, for guides, cookbooks and other written material that you feel like you need to highlight or add something for later. Whatever text you choose to highlight, it can also go to the Notes screen and review it from there, so it’s fantastic for students too.

The latest update for Google Play Books has reached version 3.15 and it can be downloaded as an APK file to update your existing app. If you cannot wait for the update to reach your device, then you can download the APK file and install it.

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