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[Download] Two Different WhatsApp on the Same Samsung Phone


There are plenty of reasons why you could want to separate WhatsApp accounts. You might want to keep your conversations with your friends separate from the ones with your colleagues, and many persons used WhatsApp for business as well, so a second application would have been useful. While WhatsApp did solve the second problem by creating WhatsApp for Business, this does not mean that people are willing to pay money for it. Therefore, we have found a solution that allows you to install two WhatsApp on one phone. However, this method is only available for Samsung devices right now.

Get two WhatsApp by cloning the app

Cloning an application on a Samsung phone is possible thanks to the smart manager settings. In order to do that, you will need to create an isolated space at first. Thanks to the Samsung My Knox app, you will be able to create that space on your device and you can use it for cloning apps.

A clone application will act just like the original one, but independently. Therefore, the two applications won’t affect each other.

Use Samsung My Knox to create two WhatsApp

  • First of all, go to the settings and scroll until you find Smart Manager.
  • Then, tap it, enable Device Security and then tap it.
  • Scroll down and then install My Knox.
  • After the installation is complete, simply open the application.
  • In the app go to Get Started, tap the settings link when a pop-up message will appear, and then turn on all the options.
  • Go back again to Get Started, accept terms & conditions and the tap the Confirm button.
  • Enter your Google account when you are asked for an email address.
  • Now the real process begins. Scroll down and tap WhatsApp. Tap the Next button.
  • Select a lock type method and tap Next. If you see an update notification go and update it and then return to the app.
  • Tap Set Up.

You are done. There should be a second WhatsApp on your device. This app can be used to clone any other applications as well.

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  1. Floris says

    Works like a charm. I have my e-mail, whatsapp, facebook, browser and instagram seperated through the secure folder of Knox. My personal apps in the normal space and the business versions in the secured folder. Perfect!!!

    The Galaxy’s with the securde Folder (Knox) are perfect for companies who stimulatie to bring your own device (BYOD)

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