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Google Play Services Overview (Bonus: Installing on GPS Xiaomi Devices)


Google Play Services is the engine that supports and runs behind all Google apps and the apps that have been downloaded via the Google Play Store. It is in charge of enhancing your total app experience by speeding up offline searches, plus it works to provide better maps, and is coded to ensure you will have an enjoyable experience when playing games.

It is an important component that is used for updates for all your apps when Google Play Store is installed in your mobile device. This provides an easier way to get updates from Google and integrate them into your mobile system as soon as they are released.

With Google Play services you will be able to use Maps, Google+ and similar tools from Google through your app. It is the ultimate developer tool for those wanting to develop apps for Android devices.

Using Google Play Services, the developers can be sure of a better user experience when their apps will be launched. In addition, due to the number of useful APIs from Google that they can use, their coding time will be significantly lesser since they won’t have to reinvent a lot of wheels if they learn how to harness the power of Google Play Services API.

Not All Android Phones Support Google Play Services

When the mobile market was just exploding almost every Android Devices always came with Google Play Store and consequently Google Play Services, but with the continued growth of mobile devices, new markets emerged that chose to completely take out Google Play Store out of the equation.

One staunch example of such a type of device is manufactured by the Xiaomi brand. Xiaomi Inc., is a Chinese company that specializes in electronic and software products and they currently hold the title for being 5th largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Instead of Google Play Store, the Android app store that we have grown so accustomed to using, the Xiaomi phones use their own app store known as the Mi Store. This is a problem if you want to use some of Google’s secure, well known, and well established services on your Xiaomi phone. Luckily there are workarounds that will let you use Google Play Services on your Xiaomi device if you really want to.

The first method would be to root out your current Xiaomi’s system and install everything from scratch; this would require a special kind of expertise, which will require you to spend additional money needlessly. Another disadvantage of this method is that you would be risking a breach in the warranty of your device as well as potentially destroying your Xiaomi device beyond repair.

A safer method would be finding a workaround via Xiaomi’s Mi Store. While in the Mi Store, search for the word “Google” on the search text field. Look for the app that has a Google logo on it and is made by Eric Xiang. Install this app and once installed you will see that this app by Eric is a Google installer. From his app you’ll be easily able to install any of Google’s apps, including the Google Play Store and consequently Google Play Services.

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