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[Download] Google Play Services 11.5.17 Update with a More Stable Experience


The Android ecosystem contains numerous apps but Google Play Services is at the core of it. This is a vital app that makes sure everything is running smooth and that all apps are kept up to date. Furthermore, Google Play Services is also responsible for authentication with other Google services such as synchronized contacts and privacy settings.

Google Play Services 11.5.17 APK Update

Considering how vital Play Services is to the Android ecosystem, Google needs to make sure that it isn’t affected by any bugs. Therefore, Google keeps on rolling out a constant stream of updates to this app and a new APK update is available right now.

The new update brings Play Services version number up to 11.5.17 and it enhances its stability. Moreover, the update will be rolled out OTA (over the air) globally to all Android powered devices but eager Android fans can get their hands on it ahead of time by manually installing the APK version of it.

Enhancing App Experience

Play Services serves many purposes but if we were to sum it down to one role, Play Services is essential to app experience. The reason we are saying this is because Play Services has been specially developed to create a more immersive app experience. It speeds up offline searches while providing more immersive maps at the same time.

Google Play Services Importance

This app is so important that if someone decides to uninstall it, numerous apps will simply stop working without it. For example, this app is a key factor to the Framework because it handles different communications with Google such as cloud messaging for example. Another important feature that Play Services is being used for is backup transport. Without Play Services, Android apps would not be able to automatically back up their data on Google’s servers.

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