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Google Maps vs. Waze – Discover the Best Mapping Solution


For a long time, Google Maps was the best mapping app and it did not have any major rivals on the market. The fact that Google invested constantly in this software and it assigned numerous people to personally check the maps transformed the application into an efficient one that was very popular.

However, an innovative app came and changed the game. Waze is based on traffic alerts that come from other persons in real-time. Google noticed the potential and it did the smart thing and bought it. However, one question remains: which one is better?


Think about what you need

If you are trying to decide between Google Maps and Waze, then you should know which are your requirements first of all. If you spend a lot of time in traffic and you need an app that will help you when you drive, then Waze is definitely the one for you.

However, if you need a mapping software that comes with more complex features that are able to offer you a lot more than driving information.

Waze is the ideal aid for drivers

If you drive on a daily basis, then Waze is a must-have. The application was basically designed for traffic and it will let you know about everything that you might encounter on your way. This includes accidents, law enforcements activity and more.

Another feature that is incredibly useful for drivers is the speed limit that appears on your screen. This way, you will know what is the legal limit no matter where you go. If you are going over the limit, Waze will let you know by using a red font.

However, the thing that makes Waze unique is the fact that it gains real-time information for other drivers. It is very important to be informed about the traffic right in that moment since this means that you will be the first one to find out if there are any issues with your route so you can change to another one.

The app is also optimised for the persons who want to share the road conditions. If you want to let the other drivers know about what is happening, you don’t have to tap too much to report it, which allows you to keep your eyes on the road and remain alert.

One drawback could be the fact that whenever you are at a stoplight you might receive some ads

Google Maps is the complete mapping software

Like we said, Waze is ideal for traffic, but it cannot be used for more than that. However, Google Maps can. The application is very impressive and it continues to grow every day. It has plenty of options, from Street View to looking directly inside a building.

Google Maps has everything that you might want and it actually lets you explore the whole globe. It is very easy to get information about a location since each place has all the necessarily details like address, photos, descriptions, work hours and more. Recently, Google Maps added wait times for restaurant and the option to share your location with others.

Another advantage is that Google Maps can be used for various ways for transportation, including public transit and biking, If you are traveling to a place where you won’t have access to the Internet, you should know that Google Maps also allows you to download the directions offline.


While Google Maps might offer more, the fact that Waze offers strictly the necessary is what makes it so effective. Each application is useful and it is recommended to get them both and use them for different things.

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