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Diablo 4 Features – Top Things We’d Like to See


BlizzCon 2017 is over and we haven’t heard of a new Diablo or even an expansion for it. But we’re optimistic and we think that there is a slight chance for a Diablo 4 to be in the making.

Fans around the world have put their minds together and achieved several conclusions.

A fellow gamer, Epsilons, argues for over a year on the forum that there is an ‘Unannounced Project’ that might be the Diablo 4 everyone is waiting for.

Last week, RetroJake has stirred some Diablo fans on a Reddit board, with his – and we quote: ‘silly little opinions’, waiting to be flamed away. His ideas are quite interesting, showing us what would a Diablo fan would expect from a Diablo 4, when and if it gets released. Let’s check out some ideas and see what was there to flame about.

7 Features in Diablo 4

  1. Diablo 4 should look back to why Diablo 1 was so dark and intense, without seeing all the gore and blood from Diablo 3. The conversations should be shorter, unlike the endless ones that are present in Diablo 3.
  2. Remastering Diablo 2 is a great idea, bringing back the fans that enjoyed Diablo 2 more than the next installment. RetroJake believes that Diablo 3 felt like a game aimed at the WoW player-base with all new features such as Auction House and other minor details connected with leveling and acquiring unchosen skills and even different choice of colors, all due to a new lead developer (Jay Wilson).
  3. Managing a new skill system to encourage a better impact in decision making. RetroJake explains this by making a connection to what Diablo 2 offered. Whenever he started playing a new character, he paid a lot of attention to the skill tree, these decisions being very important for the rest of the game. Diablo 3 takes away the ability to choose skills and plan ahead.
  4. Trading sets and unique items for a better interaction with other players and also letting players build their own economy by selling whatever they don’t need. It makes all of us a bit sad to disenchant legendary items to get materials for crafting.
  5. Offline Mode cannot be played on PC, only on consoles. Diablo 4 should have an offline mode too and a LAN connection. We wouldn’t want to see servers going off or people not being able to play the game because too many were logging in at the same time – exactly as what happened with the launch of Diablo 3.
  6. A better itemization and a proper build for items. Diablo 4 should contain better stats and allow players to be creative in building items for all classes. A lot of players have found that smart loot was frustrating, not allowing them to make in game decisions.
  7. Get someone that has the same vision as David Brevik had in his first 2 Diablo games. His clear vision on how the Diablo games have to be built will be amazing for developing Diablo 4. David Brevik will not be involved already in the ‘Unannounced Project’, as he is working on planning another game. So, RetroJake thinks that Blizzard must interview someone who has a ‘thorough understanding’ of all Diablo games. If not, Diablo 4 will have completely destroyed the core principles of the Diablo concept.

For more details check out RetroJake’s entire video on YouTube.

Are his opinions pointless or a recipe to success? Tell us in the comments below and maybe you can add some thoughts of your own. What do you want to see in Diablo 4?

  1. Purgatory says

    They have to break the link between skill and weapon damage. How can a new dagger cause increased fireball damage etc? It’s ridiculous and makes the whole game meaningless.

  2. Aeroleia says

    I want D4 to have slow pace like we had in D1 and D2. All of the idea above is super. But character progress has to be awesome.
    I also want to see bosses can defend and dodge attacks. It is pretty lame to see bosses in D series,just spread their arms open wide and accepts all hit and criticism,lol! Players just spam all they got like there is no tomorrow. I don’t like that.
    Also,it’d be sweet to have sub-classes; from paladin you have a choice to be either defender or warrior.
    Terrains has to impact the players as well. In D series,all terrains are all like running on a football field. It does not impact the speed,the spells,etc. I’d like to see,if you’re in a swamp,or chilly places,it impacts your mobility,your efficiency,spells and all. So that adds to a whole new variety of ways of your character progression and survivability.
    Graphics wise, I love D1 and D2 graphics. Should it be realism? I know we have that technology but that adds a lot of manpower,money and time. Dark Souls series have that realism graphics in a different way. It’s playbility were much more realism than its graphics and I like that.

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