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Top 5 MX Player Tricks You Never Knew


The most popular app for playing videos on smartphones or tablets is with no doubt MX Player. It comes with many features and options, it is highly customizable and it can play over 10 video file formats, and delivers them in HD quality.

Let’s check out our top 5 tricks that will improve your experience with MX Player and will allow you to see the real power of this app.

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    Background Play

Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Player’ and enable this option to enjoy the videos in background play while you’re inside another app. It also works great then you use this player as a music player (check out the following tip).

  1. Use it as a Music Player

Enable the option ‘Audio Player’ and check the ‘Background play (audio)’ feature too from the settings.

  1. You Can Play Online Videos

Make MX Player the default video player and all future videos will be played through this app. You can also stream online MP4 or MKV files by getting the URL of that video, going to the ‘…’ menu and tap on ‘network streaming’, paste the URL and you’re all set.

  1. Customize Subtitles

You can search online for subtitles by going to ‘Subtitles’ -> ‘Synchronize’ and then make the adjustments. You can also set the height, default language, font, colors or sizes of the subtitles.

  1. Split-Screen Mode

If your Android device runs Android Nougat or Oreo you can use split-screen mode and work on two apps at the same time.

Other interesting options include a high customization (change themes, screen style or gestures), resuming play from last played video, locking the player while it streams to video (so you don’t accidentally swipe and interrupt the video), hide files and folders, sync every setting across all devices and more.

You can download the MX Player directly from Play Store or get it as an APK file for free. You can also purchase it for $5.99 and enjoy it ad-free!

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