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Google Maps’ Local Guide: Upgrades and Levels


Share photographs, update information with place edits, add missing places, score a place with ratings, describe your experience using the reviews, provide insights with answers or verify information by checking facts. Doing all these aforementioned things, Google Maps’ Local Guide will award you with points, badges and leveling up for contributing content to Google Maps and helping it getting improved.

What is Local Guide?

Local Guide is a program developed for making the users update data on Google Maps, uploading photos from the places they have been to, correct or add missing places and so on. By doing so, Local Guides offers the users points and rewards as well as the chance of levelling up. Before the update, Local Guide allowed the users to rise up only to

Before the update, Local Guide allowed the users to rise up only to fifth level and accumulate a maximum of 500 points. Once the user reached the maximum level of 500 points, there would be no more motivation for the user to continue. Thus, Google added 5 more level, letting the users get to level 10 and gather a maximum of 100,000 points.

Google also has changed the pointing system: adding a precise information on Google Maps that has high impact (a short description of the place), adding a place for the first time or writing a review scoring you more points.

Those who reach level 4 will be given a three months of free access to Google Play Music and up to 75% off rentals in Google Play Movie stores.

The following list shows the points earned for every action you do on Google Maps and badges you will be given for each level you earn:

Maps contributionPoints earned
Review5 points per review
Rating1 point per rating
Photo5 points per photo
Answer1 point per answer
Edit5 points per edit
Place added15 points per place added
Fact checked1 point per fact checked

Local Guides levels

Reach higher levels as you earn points for your contributions.

Level 10 pointsNo badge
Level 215 pointsNo badge
Level 375 pointsNo badge
Level 4250 points
Level 5500 points
Level 61,500 points
Level 75,000 points
Level 815,000 points
Level 950,000 points
Level 10100,000 points


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