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New Instant Features Coming to iPhone 8


The most recent piece of news that had everybody crazy about Apple is the fact that we might be unlocking the next iPhone device with our faces, instead of a fingerprint. Currently, the tech giant has been testing a new security system for the 10th anniversary iPhone. As far as it seems, the new 3D face-scanning sensor can be used to unlock the phone, authenticate payments and launch some secure apps, according to a Bloomberg report.

An Interesting Feature

The next iPhone is supposedly going to have a full-screen design, as well as no bezels. This means that there really isn’t any space on the front of the device for the TouchID fingerprint sensor. As such, the TouchID might be placed on the back, similar to the way in which some Android devices work, in order to boost the real estate of the device.

Another possibility is for the team to place it under the display. However, one significant analyst claims that the company will not opt for this since there are some technical obstacles.

Details about the Sensor

The 3D sensor is supposedly going to be fast and quite secure, in comparison to the current fingerprint sensor. The sources for Bloomberg claim that the 3D face scan will be able to unlock the iPhone in just a few hundred milliseconds. What’s even more impressive is the fact that this function will work even if the sensor is not headed directly to the user.

The system may also work together with an eye scanner. The 3D sensor shows depth of perception, which makes using a 2D picture of the owner in order to use it more difficult. We all know that has been working on some augmented-reality features for the iPhone as well, but we don’t know yet whether the 3D sensor will support them.

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