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Google Earth Pro Is Available For Free


Paying for the Google Earth Pro app is now a thing of the past. Any person that wants to install the application can now do it for free instead of spending the hefty sum of $399 per year. Luckily for us, back in 2015 a free key was given to any user that wanted to try the app without spending a single penny. The free key was supposed to allow you to check out Google Earth Pro, but, sadly, the link was reportedly broken. However, the application is now offered for everyone and it is very simple to install it.

How to get Google Earth Pro for your device

It has never been easier to explore various countries, to fly above the satellite-mapped ground, or just to check your own neighborhood. In order to do all these things, all you have to do is go to, the official website of Google Earth. There, go to the download page and click Download for the Earth Pro on Desktop. You’ll see when you click through to the sign-up page, “Sign up is no longer required for Google Earth Pro”. After you agree on the terms&conditions and download it you will be asked to sign in. Use your own email address for username and GEPREE as the license key. Do not forget to Enable Automatic Login.

Now you will be able to enhance your geography skills while enjoying some very useful features that are not available in the free version, such the advanced measurements and the demographic or traffic data that are exclusive. Hurry up and go on their website while the offer is still available, you never know when they might change their mind so it is best to take advantage while you still can!

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