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Minecraft Better Together Update Release Date Delayed


Minecraft is a very successful game that is currently available on consoles, computers and mobile devices. Unfortunately, we have some bad news for the fans of this game, as Mojang has confirmed that the Better Together Update will not be released as soon as everyone was expecting.

As most of you know, the mentioned update was supposed to be released this summer, but by looking at the updated FAQ, the Better Together Update will be released this autumn and only after the developers will fix all the bugs that they’ve found on it.

We’re pretty sure that many Minecraft fans are very disappointed, but we think that the developers have done a good decision by delaying the release date of the update. It is better for the company to just fix all the issues and release it after that, instead of bringing a new update that might constantly crash your game or cause other annoying damages to your Minecraft worlds.

Let’s not forget that fall begins next month, so there are high chances that the Minecraft fans will not need to wait too much for this update. We remind you that the Better Together Update is a major update that will finally bring cross-platform gaming between Android, iOS, Windows 10 and Xbox.

At the same time, the new update will come with some improvements in the game’s visuals and it will introduce massive community servers. To make things even better, Minecraft will also receive an improved crafting user interface, fireworks, parrots, banners and many others.

Sometime in the following weeks, Mojang will most likely make an official announcement regarding the exact date when the Better Together Update will be released for Minecraft.

On what platform are you playing Minecraft? What other new features and options would you like to see being added to this popular game?

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