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Google Chrome Top Hidden Tips and Tricks


Google Chrome is currently one of the most used desktop web browsers out there. Today we will give you some tips and tricks that you can use on this application, which will make your browsing experience better.

Displaying The Home Button

There are still many users who want to see a “Home” button that they can click whenever they want to. Usually they put a search engine on the Home web address, which makes their life easier when trying to search for something very fast.

To add the Home button in Chrome you will just need to tap on the Settings button that’s located in the top-right corner, select Preferences and check the box that’s near the “Show Home button in the toolbar.”

Pin Tab 

You have the ability to “Pin” tabs in Chrome, which will minimize the tab to display only the icon. This is great, especially when you have too many tabs open and you want to leave a bit more space for multitasking.

Creating Desktop Shortcuts For Your Favorite Web Pages

Some people want to have desktop shortcuts of their favorite web pages. Well, Google Chrome allows you to do this by heading to your favorite web page, click on the Settings button, select Tools and choose “Create application shortcuts.”

Reopening Recently Closed Tab

Sometimes it happens to close a tab by mistake, which is quite annoying. Well, don’t worry because on Google Chrome you will just need to press CTRL+Shift+T in order to reopen the closed tab. You can also right click on the title-bar and select “Reopen closed tab.”

Using The Address Bar To Do Different Tasks

The URL Address Bar can be used to make some simple mathematical queries. You just need to type the conversions or calculations directly in the address bar and press enter to receive the results.

Google Chrome Settings: How To Easily Save And Copy Them To A New Computer

If you own many computers, you should know that you can copy the Google Chrome Settings from a PC to another. All you will need to do is to Sign in with your Google account and all the bookmarks, Google Chrome settings etc. will be saved on the cloud. Once you access another computer, sign in again and all the settings and bookmarks will be imported to your new PC.

Incognito Mode

Not many people are using the “Incognito Mode” and this is mostly because they are not sure about what it is doing. While using this feature, the history is not saved in your computer, which is great especially when you want to “hide” some specific websites that you are visiting from other people (such as kids). In order to easily open an Incognito Mode tab, you will just need to press CTRL+Shift+N.

Changing The Tab Location

You can always change the location of a tab from the Google Chrome browser. To do this, you will just need to click and hold on the TAB/link and drag it to the wanted location.

Task Manager

The Task Manager is able to show the CPU and RAM usage by each and every tab that you have opened in your Google Chrome browser. In case you have many tabs open in your browser and they are causing your computer to lag, you can always open the Task Manager and locate the website that’s using too many resources. To open the Task Manager, just click on the title bar and select “Task Manager.”


The Google Chrome is surely a very good browser that comes with many features and options. So, if you’ve been looking for a web browser for your computer we suggest you to try it out.

Are you using Google Chrome on your PC? Tell us what other new features the developers should bring to this web browser!

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