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Google Earth or Google Street View: Which Navigation App Is Download Worthy?


Google made a name in internet and technology for being one of the best and popular search engines. Over the years, the tech giant introduced other products and services, including Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Street View. While the Earth preceded Street View, both are linked to each other. The former gives a global view while the latter offers panoramic street views of local areas, making it possible to explore even the remotest of areas. Street View is also featured in Earth. With the similarities and differences of these applications, which one is download worthy?

To know which one might work for you, here is an overview of how to make the most of both apps:

As mentioned earlier, Google Earth lets the user see the world virtually. And with the latest update of the free app, it now runs in the web browser. On the part of Google Street View, there are also improvements. And just a few months ago, there was a breakthrough in terms of how to explore the world using the Street View Trekker. Two explorers were able to capture a 360-degree image of what’s beyond the crater of a fiery volcano, a first for Google.

What to Expect from Google Earth

One of the features Google Earth takes pride in is its easy-to-use navigation feature. With simple commands, you can have three-dimensional views of locations as well as read notes about landmarks and places of interest. The simple commands include:

  • Zoom – pinch trackpad or use the mouse scroll wheel
  • Move – click and drag
  • Change Viewing Angle – hold down Ctrl + click and drag
  • Rotate View or Change Tilt Level – hold down + Shift then click and drag
  • Switch Between 2D and 3D/ Control Zoom Level – At the lower right corner of the interface, click the buttons down

Google Earth is now a web application can also be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. With its latest update, there are now to ways to use this app. The first option is by clicking the Launch Google Earth button and the second method is by selecting the pre-made packages or Voyages Tours from the menu. The latter is ideal for searching specific places and complete with photos and explanatory notes. This app also lets you bookmark places and lets you discover places of interest via the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option.

What to Expect from Google Street View

One of the interesting features of this navigation app is its historical imagery. It allows you to see old pictures while on street view. These are previous snapshots of the street that can date back to ten years. Unlike Google Earth, which gives you a view of a large location or on a wider scale, Google Street View gives you a view of specific streets and is at ground level. The view is panoramic and lets you navigate the surroundings. Moreover, it has a Gallery page, similar to Google Earth’s Voyages Tours. This feature lets you see interesting highlights of countries and also has background information on particular locations.

Since Street View can also be enjoyed while exploring using Google Earth, there should not be a debate on which one is the better choice. Nevertheless, it will hurt to download Street View with Google Maps update on your Android device and the same time, enjoy the features of Google Earth.

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