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Windows 10 Latest Update For PC Users


The Creators Update is the latest version released by Windows 10 for PC users. You might not be able to tell if you already have the update at first glance. However, you can determine this by looking further into your system.

Take note that the Creators Update for Windows 10 also goes by the moniker Version 1703. If you are running Windows 10 on your PC, you can confirm this by looking into the Settings option from the Start menu and then select the System icon.

Simply go to the bottom of the list along the left side of System Settings box and choose About. By doing this, you can see the Windows 10 edition on your computer, such as Home or Pro. The version number and some technical information are also found here.

It can be recalled that the Anniversary Update with a code Version 1607 was the revision released in August 2016. However, the Creators Update is the most recent revision with new features that include a 3D revamp of Paint, along with some major improvements to Microsoft Edge. This has brought enhancements designed for players of video games.

Despite this recent update, bugs were found to have surfaced along with it. In fact, some users complained about connectivity issues on Bluetooth and Internet. At the same time, they also found some crashing apps, computer memory issues, and Dolby sound failures, among others. Good thing, system patches are released from time to time to address these issues.

Nevertheless, you need to configure your system based on your specifications. This is particularly essential after you have updated the Windows 10 version of your operating system. Just take a tour to the main Settings screen in order to toggle on or off some personal data that you would want to share or not.

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