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Google Earth: A Bird’s Eye View


One of the best things that have been brought into this world by Google is their free software that lets any ordinary person see the whole world as a whole. Though Google Earth, Google is giving to us a bird’s eye view that spans the whole geographical map of our planet Earth as we know it.

With this wondrous software you will have the ability to fly through different places anywhere in the world and with the ability to fly through time into the past too.

This has been a continuing project by Google in order to close the gap that divides the continents and bring all of us closer together and help us realize that we are not really that different from each other despite the distance that separates each of us.

The first version of Google Earth was called Keyhole Earth Viewer which was first developed by Keyhole Inc., before they were acquired by Google. The founders Brian McClendon and John Hanke were absorbed by Google until McClendon went to Uber, while Hanke went to Pokemon Go (Niantic Labs) in 2015.

Today there are three versions of Google Earth that you can use.

There is a Free version which is made for the normal and home users in mind. But don’t let the ‘free’ appendage fool you, this version already packs so much features that there are a couple pages of tutorials just for beginners on Google Earth’s official site.

The second version is their Pro version, which is intended for commercial users for making complex maps and even clips for movie-intended use.

The Enterprise, which is the third version, is for used collecting high-res imagery and geospatial data to be used for corporations.

In addition to these full blown versions is the mobile version that is available for both the IOS and Android devices and lets users view the entire world with a quick swipe of the fingers.

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