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[Download] WhatsApp 2.17.387 APK Update with Google Drive and Online Payments


There’s no doubt in our minds that WhatsApp is the most popular online messaging app. WhatsApp is supported by almost every mobile platform including iOS and Android, but what really makes it special is the number of updates it receives. The developers behind the chatting app are always adding new updates and performance tweaks which enhance the user experience WhatsApp offers.

WhatsApp 2.17.387 APK Update

WhatsApp users should be happy to know that a new update has recently made available for download. This update is quite important since it introduces the WhatsApp Payments feature which enables users to send online payments to their WhatsApp contacts. As of now, this feature is still in the beta phase and it will be rolled out to the wide public during the upcoming future.

However, eager WhatsApp users can get their hands on this feature ahead of everyone else by downloading the APK for it. Since this update comes in form of APK, WhatsApp users are required to manually downloading and install it themselves.

We should also mention that WhatsApp users who are planning to download and install this latest APK WhatsApp update are not required to delete their previous version of the app. The reason behind this being that the newer version will automatically update the older one.

New Features

The update weighs in at 36.20MB and it contains a bunch of cool features such as Google Drive, call feature, mark chat as unread and individual contact notifications among others. Things get even better since this update also enables users to send file formats such as ZIP, IMG, PDF documents and much more in attachments.

One of the most anticipated features that this new update brings is mark chat as unread. This feature has been long asked for since it can be used to avoid annoying people who are always stressing users with useless questions and so on.

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