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Download Firefox Nightly for Developers 58.0a1 to Test Out Experimental Updates


As of now, the browser industry is ruled by Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and UC Browser. Out of all these three apps, Mozilla Firefox is the one which has the upper hand. The reason behind this being that Mozilla Firefox is being bombarded with new updates every other week which enhance its performance and user experience.

Firefox Nightly for Developers 58.0a1

People who love getting their hands on the latest Mozilla Firefox updates ahead of everyone else should considering downloading Firefox Nightly. This browser is basically a development channel for every new Mozilla Firefox releases. Therefore, every update first needs to be tested on Firefox Nightly until it reaches the public version of the browser.

Firefox Nightly users receive access to every new update before everyone else does and the only thing they need to do in return is to provide Mozilla with feedback. Mozilla uses this feedback to spot bugs and unwanted issues.

Nonetheless, Firefox Nightly users should be happy to know that a new update is coming their way. This update brings the browser’s build number up to 58.0a1 and it includes a couple of bug fixes.

Experimental Builds

As previously mentioned, this browser is being used as a development channel for new updates. Furthermore, Firefox Nightly has been specially designed to highlight the more experimental builds of Firefox. With that being said, Firefox Nightly users will be able to test out every new update, but this will happen in an unstable environment.

Supported Devices

Interested readers who might want to join Firefox Nightly should know that they need to own an Android powered device that runs on at least Android 4.1 or higher to be viable with the nightly program. Moreover, Apple fans who own iPads, iPhones and iPods need to know that Firefox Nightly is supported only by iOS 8.2 or higher.

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