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Gmail 7.6.18 Update Download Available with New Features


The Gmail app for Android just received the latest update, which brings a couple of interesting and new features to the app, together with some other improvements. The most recent update was launched with version 7.6.18 and it offers various enhancements for this popular email client.

What’s New?

Google has added some features to the Gmail app for Android for quite a while now, most of the updates being incremental. And if we were to look at the app, there was no radical change for it since the introduction of material design. However, we have to admit that the company has respected a constant pace with the new features.

The 7.6.18 update comes together with a Smart Reply feature. Previously, this had been included in the Inbox and Allo apps. Now that this feature is enabled, the Gmail app suggests you 3 options for replying to the emails you received. You can choose any of them, add to them your own response if you want and them send the email instantly.

The feature was released for Gmail back in May, but the changelog of the Gmail v7.6.18 only mentions the same thing. Moreover, you can turn it off if you want.

Now you can also add several email accounts, both from and not from Gmail. You also receive 15 GB free storage on Drive, where your attachments and email data are stored.

How to Get It

The latest app is available for download. The best solution is to get it from the APK Mirror, a source signed by Google. The app here is safe to install and use, so if you want to take advantage of the most recent features, you should head there. The APK is going to replace the app you already have and will let you get any further updates.

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