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Championship Spring Finals Begin for Clash Royale Crown


The Crown Championship, which is the official e-sports event for the Clash Royale, has entered the stage of regional championships. This weekend we will see the North American championship take place, while the Latin American happened on July 2nd. The European spring finals are going to happen on July 8th.

What Happens Exactly?

The best six players that remain in each region will have to fight in order to defend their own championship. They will have to do that despite the fact that they are not going to compete against each other for now. The best two players for each region get the chance to a first-round bye inside the event. Oxalate and CMcHugh will get the byes for the North American competition over Tin2, after they had a round-robin tiebreaker. Here, CMcHugh won over Oxalate and Tin2 with 2-0 for the first bye. The round-robin match for the second bye showed us how Oxalate beat Tin2 with a score of 2 to 1.

Europe and Latin America Situation

The bye situation for Europe was much simpler. Donkey Kong fought Surgical Goblin and each of them went 6-1 in order to win the byes. Meanwhile, for the Latin American game, Atchiin and Adrian Piedra occupied the first two byes for this region.

Watching the Championship


In order to watch the Championship, you can tune into the broadcasts existing on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. On YouTube you will also be able to find full archives of each of the finals. For the European finals, you will have to tune in on July 8th. Moreover, you will be able to follow it in 5 different languages. There will also be some live broadcasting in French and Spanish from the finals taking place in Bordeaux, France.

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