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G Suite vs. Office 365 – Offered Features and Improvements


We all know the eternal war between Google and Microsoft, and we know that business productivity is just one of the battles. Both G Suite and Office 365 are great toolkits that makes sure the team is always synchronized and working together. However, usually you have to choose between the two of them, so which one should you prefer?

Offered Features

Technically, both suites offer pretty much the same features. The main core of functionalities overlaps quite a lot: slideshows (Slides/ PowerPoint), word processing (Docs/Word), email (Gmail/Outlook) and spreadsheets (Sheets/Excel). What’s extra with G Suite? They bring back the Forms for asking feedback online, which were quite popular, as well as Sites, which enables you to create internal pages for the team. Collaboration is one of the most important principles in Google.

Meanwhile, Office 365 offers more software. You can choose among various payment tiers, depending on your budget. With the exception of the basic service, you can have access to the core Office tools, as well as extra software, such as Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Bookings.

Future Prospects

Both tech giants are focusing on developing further artificial intelligence. As they are working on more and more new products, you can notice this. Some current examples are the Explore tab found in Google Docs, for instance, a feature that offers relevant information from work and from web. Meanwhile, Microsoft ups the game with the Editor feature. The latter suggests things for your writing by pinging the works you use more frequently.

All in all, we have to agree that both services are reliable and useful, but the difference is that Microsoft offers various price plans, while Google is more straightforward when it comes to it. However, have a look at the main features and decide which one suits your needs.

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  1. disqus_QQmo5i3vVTT says

    G Suite is ok for home but for office MS is the only way. G Suite is so slow to update with new stuff.

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