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Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are Working on a New Set of Emojis


Emojis are an important part of pop culture nowadays and that is exactly why most mobile producers, apps and operating systems are trying to come up with their own emoji line. Arguably, Apple’s emojis are the most popular especially since iOS had complex emojis for a long time. It was only after their success, that other companies tried to replicate it.

But there were some exceptions. For example, WhatsApp used the Apple emojis as their universal emojis. The iOS emojis could be sent and received from any phone while chatting in the app. Every time Apple received a new emoji update, WhatsApp added it to their chat.

Now that WhatsApp is Facebook-owned it appears to follow its example. The app will come to its own emoji line, and Facebook Messenger is working on a new set of emojis as well. However, it appears that the two sets will be different.

WhatsApp emojis

The new WhatsApp emojis are already available in the beta version for Android, and we can tell you that they are almost identical to the Apple emojis. Therefore, if you were afraid there will be a big change, you do not have a reason to worry anymore. It is true that there are some small differences between the two sets, but overall, they have the same style. Even the order of the emojis is the same, but you will be able to use some fantasy emojis such as vampires and zombies.

Facebook Messenger emojis

A statement announced us that: “At this time, we’ve decided to end our support of the Messenger emoji set to focus our attention on other features that help people express themselves and make the Messenger experience fun and engaging.” This decision reverted the emojis back to the ones available for Facebook platform users.

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